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September 16, 2015 • Body Image, Eating Disorder, Inspiration, Recovery • Views: 1681

Use this exercise by one of my favorite (anonymous) people on the planet to remember everything your body is capable of, even on the days you hate it.

This body has aged to 25, has survived and is alive. This body has flown on the trapeze, both in and out of safety lines; has trained static trapeze aerial net aerial silks and duo trapeze. This body has gone skiing in powder, climbed mountains, hiked through forests. This body has felt strong and powerful and also understood how insignificant we are, next to giant Sequioa trees.

This body has run to shelter during air raids, crouched on the side of the highway during one and laid outside on the ground during one too. This body leapt and ran out of safety towards her soldiers during an air raid siren, too.

This body has conquered night navigation exercises in the desert, finished first in her platoon in weighted vest/combat gear runs, and scored 100% accuracy in shooting tests.

This body has run shooting ranges, learned to un-jam M-16 rifles, and trained others to shoot. This body has commanded an armored personnel carrier, done EKGs, started IVs. This body has saved a life.

This body has cared for dying children, has grieved for lost friends, has attended funerals and memorial services and honors those memories to the best of her ability.

This body has created countless works of art, has designed, drawn, sewed, crafted. This body has been loved unconditionally, has fallen in love, has been rejected, has gotten back on her feet. This body has healed, over and over and over.

This body has cared for friends, has stayed up watching over a friend who was having a tough night while writing her the lyrics to Dar Williams’ “After All.” This body has led college orientation groups and has spent hours in the lab learning new microscopy techniques.

This body has flown across the globe and can’t quite decide where home really is. This body knows she is not meant to be a gypsy.

This body is sometimes afraid of touch, and often does not feel whole. This body is scared and frequently at war with the mind living in it.

This body, though-

This body is an incredible gift, a blessing, an opportunity to thrive.

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