Shades of Hope 4-Day Intensive

March 23, 2017 • Eating Disorder, Recovery • Views: 1624

Today, I spoke to someone from Shades of Hope Treatment Center. This place is so unique – only 14 beds in a place that started in Founder Tennie McCarty’s backyard. They are now celebrating their 30th anniversary, all because McCarty had a vision and used her recovery story as motivation to give back and help others regain their lives. A true inspiration!

Shades of Hope treats not only eating disorders, but also food addictions, exercise addictions and other addictions that prevent people suffering from leading normal, functional lives. Their shorter programs are something beneficial to a population that has been recovered for some time, but that has maybe hit a bump in the road.

I often get questions from people about outpatient or short-term offerings, because I know not all of us have the luxury of leaving our jobs, families and obligations to go in-patient somewhere. I wanted to share this upcoming 4-day intensive outside Chicago, Ill. with all of you in case someone out there really needs it.

Please contact Melissa Moore ( or Becky Forrest (becky@shadesofhope.come) for more information.

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