Getting Ready for Big Events

May 29, 2014 • Body Image, Exercise, Health, Wedding • Views: 3145

My first wedding dress fitting is in three weeks, and I’m doing okay. Just okay, not great. I’m nervous about how I’m going to feel about my body in that moment, when I put on the dress that I haven’t seen in a whole year, and I was in better shape then. When I bought my dress, the woman at the store told me to order the dress a size up, and now I see why. Brides get caught up with LIFE and planning prior to the wedding, and sometimes don’t have the time to focus on losing weight. Now I understand the panic that I read about when a wedding is getting closer and a goal weight hasn’t been reached.

If you love someone, think about them at the end of that aisle you’re walking down, whether you’re married already or not. Think about him or her standing there, waiting for you, and loving you for just you. In THAT moment, your weight doesn’t matter – that person you love loves all of you. While there may be panic in the dressing room, that will all melt away when you’re there on your big day.

This goes for everyone preparing for a big event, too! Whether it’s a wedding, a beach trip or a reunion, make a choice to love your body, and if you do decide to lose weight, make a long-lasting lifestyle change for your HEALTH. If you like the way you look because you improved your health, it’s a bonus! I’ve been giving away a lot of my “skinny” clothes lately, just because I’m finally happy with how I look now and don’t want to challenge myself to be smaller or have that looming pressure every time I open my closet. I’ve been running 2.5 miles three times per week and I feel great! There’s no reason for me to drop pounds. I’m healthy and happy.

If you’re not there yet with your attitude toward your body, don’t worry – it’s a process. I’m 28 years old, and I struggled with an eating disorder for 10 years, starting when I was 14. So really, it’s taken me 4 solid years in recovery to really come around to loving my body, and even then I have bad body image days.

When those big events come up, just remember that if you punish yourself leading up to the big day, it takes the joy out of it. Here are some things you can try to make good health choices fun:

  • Find a buddy to walk with or find a group exercise class that you love.
  • Try preparing a new healthy recipe or find a friend to take to that new vegan restaurant you’ve been wanting to try.
  • Counter your negative body image thoughts with positive ones. Every time you think “fat,” counter it with “beautiful.”
  • Have your loved ones write the things they love about you on sticky notes so that you can post them in your house.
  • Lose the countdown to that event and focus on the short-term goals, like exercising three times per week.
  • Forget about the numbers. No calorie counting or weighing yourself allowed. THOW OUT THAT SCALE!

You’re beautiful just the way you are! Have a great time on that big day – you deserve it.

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6 Responses to Getting Ready for Big Events

  1. Katie Little says:

    Great post! Yes I haven’t really seen any tried on my dress since February of this year and I am scared about what if it doesn’t fit – but I am doing my best to stay active every day with going on 5 mile walks and Zumba on Saturdays. Thankfully I have a walking buddy – but I feel like I am doing this on my own sometimes.

    Really glad to hear that your progress is going great! Keep it up!

    • Nicole Rohr says:

      Awesome job, Katie! You’re beautiful, and I’m so proud of you for making such healthy choices! Nerves are normal – just think about how much your fiance (soon-to-be husband) loves you just the way you are. Right now! 🙂

  2. Nathan says:

    You are amazing!

  3. Rozlyn says:

    Well, Nicole this is a good topic for many of us. Especially as one grows up higher than the yardstick. The feeling of beauty does come from within and is enhanced by some factors from without. Being told you are beautiful every day can create an inner glow from inside out. Or reciting a daily phrase such as,”I am glorious just the way I am.”
    The big events can cause a sort of panic to ensue and make us feel as though we must change somehow and forget what we know deep inside. Loving oneself as we are is the best way to go. Whatever it takes. At least, that’s what I tell myself. See you at the Big Event xo.

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