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May 24, 2014 • Body Image, Fashion, Inspiration • Views: 1659

I went to a sample sale today in Chicago – I’ve always been so nervous to shop from a fashion designer because I never thought I was the right size or the right shape. Today proved me wrong. I felt great, I owned my shape and size, and I had a blast! There were moments where I let negative thoughts slip in, just eyeing the fabrics and tiny sizes that I’ll never fit into. But one minute in a dress that worked for me changed everything.

I was styled by @savvysouk in a design by @borrispowelldesigns. So grateful for the opportunity to know them and to learn that dressing in shapes that works for YOUR body, no matter your size, can make an incredible difference in the way you feel.

I have a rule that I never shop for clothes that are too small for me, in the hopes that I’ll lose weight. That sets me up for failure and disappointment, and quite frankly, I don’t want to stare at a closet every morning that is full of clothes I can’t fit into.

Own your shape, own your size, and strut your stuff in clothes that fit you well! Your confidence makes you beautiful, not a number on a scale.

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