Feb. 28 Body Image Workshop Lineup!

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We’re so excited to see you at our Feb. 28 body image workshop in Chicago! Below is the lineup of amazing presenters for the day.

Certified Yoga Instructor Amanda Steinken

Certified Yoga Instructor Amanda Steinken

Amanda Steinken found yoga while working in the nonprofit world, and she quickly discovered its powerful tools for changing the world from the inside out.  She became a teacher so she could serve in a different way: by sharing techniques that everyone can use to find peace and sustainable living within our chaotic world. Her teaching couples the healing powers of both the physical and the spiritual so that you receive a holistic practice where you can ground down and burst forth as the truest version of yourself.

Amanda has been practicing yoga for over six years and received her RYT 200 hour certification in Denver through Buffy Barfoot Yoga Clear Compass Teacher Training program in 2014.  Schooled in Iyengar and Anusara yoga traditions, Amanda brings therapeutics to students with injuries through honoring the body’s natural alignment.

By weaving artistic sequences, inspiring contemplations, and feel-good alignment, Amanda’s teaching leaves you feeling inspired and empowered to live a beautiful life.

You can follow Amanda on Instagram, or visit her website.

Nutritionist and Wellness Coach Kim Ready

Nutritionist and Wellness Coach Kim Ready

Kim Ready is a personal trainer, nutritionist, and wellness coach who owns her own health and wellness company. Her focus is helping others achieve “a healthy balance that works within their specific lifestyles.” Her career began with a Masters in Architecture but shifted to health and wellness in 2010.  She moved from Hawaii to Chicago in 2014 where she currently works with companies as a corporate wellness consultant. Kim gives seminars and talks through the city, she built the Nutrition Program for the Trump Hotel & Tower, and she consults with health and wellness companies as a Brand Engagement Consultant. She enjoys creating unique pop-up events, indulging at Stan’s Donuts, and taking advantage of all the energy and entrepreneurial opportunities the city of Chicago has to offer!

You can follow Kim on Twitter or Instagram, or visit her Facebook page.

Clinical Therapist Laura Jaramillo

Clinical Therapist Laura Jaramillo

Laura Jaramillo is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) that has been working in the field of counseling since graduating from Purdue University with a degree in psychology in 2006. She obtained her master’s degree from National Louis University in community counseling and also has specialized training in ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy. She has found a passion for working with individuals to help change their behaviors, which then, in turn, helps them to change their thought process and perspective in life.

In the 10 years Laura has been working in the field of behavioral health, she has found a passion for working with individuals with eating disorders. She has worked at Linden Oaks Hospital for 8 years, specializing in the eating disorder population. She has experienced working in many domains which include; inpatient, outpatient, group home, and individual counseling. She has also facilitated many different support groups for eating disorders such as ANAD. She has also started an aftercare group that provides weekly support for those who are no longer in treatment but still need the community of support.

“My mission as a clinical therapist is to help all individuals suffering from eating disorders. I want to guide them so they can discover themselves, their authentic self, and their identity without the eating disorder. I believe in complete recovery from an eating disorder for all people. Eating disorders are complex with many different layers, which makes being a therapist for someone with an eating disorder a great challenge. I go to work every day with a mindset that today I will help fight someone’s battle with their eating disorder and hopefully win the battle that day.”

Laura loves to spend time with her family, friends, and fiancé.  Other passions she has in life include, practicing yoga, essential oils, being outdoors, and a love for animals. You can e-mail Laura anytime.

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