Bridal Shower Bliss

June 16, 2014 • Body Image, Fashion, Health, Inspiration, Wedding • Views: 1561

This weekend was my bridal shower, and something very surprising happened. I didn’t think about my body image insecurities once the entire time. I bought a dress that I felt good in from the beginning, and I guess it was the energy from being around so many strong women that I love that really put me in an empowered state of mind.

Even my aunt Margaret (pictured) told me that she always goes shopping with a friend because she had never liked picking out clothes in a store. If you feel that way, you are not the only one! It can be very intimidating, no matter your body shape or size.


With my aunt Margaret.

The dress is by Jessica Simpson and I got it at Marshall’s for about $50 (or I should say my mom gifted it to me). I used a 2 1/2-inch curling iron to get my hair just right, and used Bare Minerals for my base and lips, then Too Faced/Maybelline/Bare Minerals for my eyes. My blush is by NARS (check it out here – I’m obsessed).

I was a little concerned about being too pale, but that was my only body concern that day. My poor legs haven’t seen the sun for quite some time. 🙁


Posing with my niece outside of the bridal shower.

Shoutout to my sister for throwing the bridal shower of the century at The Loft at Café Dupont in Birmingham, Ala.! She put so much energy and effort into every detail. We ate tuna tartare, salmon spread with crispy capers on cucumber slices, crab cakes, tomato basil tartlets, artisan cheese with crostini and fruit, fried okra and oysters, followed by brownies, vanilla bean marscapone, and coconut macaroons. She created a Bridal Advice Mad Lib activity, which was SO funny to read after all the guests had gone home.


I am so happy that I could enjoy this special time in my life and not obsess about my weight or size. A counselor of mine in treatment once told me that I won’t look any different tomorrow than I do today, no matter what I eat. So forget about that guilt when you treat yourself! It’s long-term lifestyle choices that make a difference in your appearance, over time. One dessert or piece of fried deliciousness is not going to hurt you. You will remember the great tasting food and the time spent with your loved ones way more than you will that pound or two.

Cheers to all of you having a great week! Treat your body right and enjoy your life. #bodyboop

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