A Message to Fathers

June 15, 2014 • Body Image, Father's Day, Holiday, Inspiration, Love • Views: 1582

Sorry for no posts for a few days – this weekend was my bridal shower. More to come on that… Today is Father’s Day, and it has reminded me how important it is for fathers to be positive influences on boys and girls, and how we talk about the human body. The way men talk about the female figure influences how sons talk to women and how daughters ultimately feel about their own bodies. Remind your children that they look beautiful and if you have a health concern related to weight, be careful in how you talk to them about it. “I want you to be healthy” has much more impact than “You need to lose weight.”

Thank you to my dad for helping me get through my eating disorder and for always telling me that I look beautiful! It was a difficult road, but we made it.

555598_432459616799971_1115727326_nIf your child is struggling with an eating disorder, and you don’t quite know what to say, see our Eating Disorders Resources page for national organizations and websites dedicated to eating disorder support. Have a site or resource to add to this page? E-mail me at mybodyboop@gmail.com.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers (and father figures) out there! You are very loved. xoxo


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