5 Reasons to Let Go of Perfection (Proud2BMe)

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By Emily Benko–

There’s a good chance that you crave perfection—after all, it’s universally esteemed. But who can ever attain the unattainable? Who started the quest for the impossible? Who set the unachievable standard? The culprit may never be found, but we can still end the quest. Here’s why we should put our dreams of perfection to rest:

1. Attempting perfection eliminates authenticity.

When you attempt perfection, you’re not only morphing into somebody you aren’t, but you’re trying to change into somebody you weren’t meant to be. I dare you to say “we are who we are because we are who we are” 10x fast. I double dog dare you to say it 10x while being mindful of the meaning behind the affirmation. You’re an imperfect human, but that doesn’t make you an inadequate human… it makes you an irreplaceable, kick-ass human worthy of existence. Authenticity is brave. Authenticity is bold. Authenticity is a topnotch choice to cultivate vulnerability, benevolence and true connections.

2. Working toward perfection is a full-time job with no promotion.

You become a slave to the drive for perfection. You won’t receive validation from yourself, let alone from the people whose approval you seek, because achieving perfection is impossible.

3. Perfection overrides progress.

The concept of perfection is faulty logic. Your endeavor for perfection hurts more than it heals. In fact, since it’s unattainable, it increases the odds of disappointment. However, when you strive for progress, triumphs are on the horizon. Each progressive stride moves you towards your destination, with lessons and successes along the way.

4. Striving for perfection is not self-improvement.

Perfection is the foulest form of self-abuse, encouraging you to set  yourself up for destruction. Self-improvement, however, comes from your undivided devotion to becoming the imperfect person you were created to be.

5. Perfecting yourself is not your soul’s work.

Perfectionism revolves around perception. There is no way to control perception, despite your best efforts. You waste your valued energy and fleeting time on a façade, when it’s much more vital to look inwards. Remember that the drive for perfection comes from exterior sources, not from your soul or your inner self.

About the blogger: Emily Benko is a communications major at St. Petersburg College. Nothing makes her happier than precious time spent with special needs children. Additionally, she encourages others to make self-love their full time job. She hopes that her passion for online blogging can positively impact anyone on the road towards recovery.

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